Holistic approach to balancing client’s cost considerations, business plans, and need for organizational agility.

The Journey for Improved Security

Improve risk management by using an integration strategy for disjointed information security point solutions and processes to obtain a unified view of risks and controls across the enterprise.

Security Silo’s

Years of implementing point solutions has created silo’s of security information

Lack of Cohesion

A lack of clearly defined objectives and security metrics prevents an integrated view of risk

The lack of integration causes excessive costs and higher overall enterprise risk

How We Solve The Problem

Manage Securely:

Understand what assets need to be protected and enact strategies to provide the right level of protection.

Monitor Securely:

Gain visibility into risks and continuously monitor security process and associated assets.

Operate Securely:

Develop integrated approaches for understanding the correct level of controls to offset the risks.

Integrated Risk View

Security Program / Governance Model


A formal security program is vital for keeping our organizational assets safe, but we have no visibility to know if we have the right objectives, organizational structure and coverage. It is imperative that our approach to security keep pace with the business. Our challenges include:

  • Understanding how and where to make the right investments.
  • What are the skills we need now and in the future?
  • How does our security program measure up to industry standards?
  • Where should the security program be focused in the future?
  • Is the right information getting to the right people when they need it?
  • Do the policies and procedures accurately reflect our needs?


Developing a formal security program and placing the right Governance mechanisms in place can provide many benefits, including:

  • A model for prioritizing investments.
  • An updated set of skills aligned to prioritized objectives.
  • Proper coverage and alignment of security capabilities to objectives.
  • A clearly defined roadmap.
  • Reporting & accountability model that supports business needs.
  • Defined taxonomy.
  • Updated policies and procedures.
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